Labels and overlays

Screens and Graphics produce labels and overlays for a variety of industries and uses, which can be screen or digitally printed. Simple, large quantity runs are suited to screen printing whilst photographic images, graduated tints, sequential numbering or unique batch numbers are easily accommodated by the digital side. This is also where you are most likely to find us combining the two processes for perfect outcome.

There are a range of exciting materials to give desired resistance to chemicals, temperature, adhesion to the substrate, or simply the most economical solution. Separate premium quality adhesives can also be applied to the back of your label with full coverage or selective cuts to allow for holes or windows. If you are stuck for choice, we are here to help.

A variety of specialist laminates can be applied to enhance or add durability and this applies to most of our digital printing. Labels can be cut to any shape or size, printed onto a range of substrates to suit any internal or external application.

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