Glass printing in Cambridge

So you’re thinking, “Is there anywhere near Cambridge that I can get exceptional quality screen print on my glass panel?” Great work, you’ve come to the right place.

Glass makes a statement whatever the application, and we just love the way it prints. From our Cambridge workshop, we can ensure your glass is made to look it’s best.

Screen printing on glass in particular, thanks to its robust nature and crisp quality can achieve a look that is undisputedly high-end and perfect for products that need to be the face of your business.

The beautiful combination of ink and glass is great for statement pieces like hi-fi product fascias and point of sale or corporate signage.

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When screen printing onto glass, a reverse print is applied to the back surface, leaving the front face clear and keeping the print protected. This makes sure the colour stays bright and vibrant for a long, long time.

The opacity of the ink when screening onto glass is also adjustable, enabling this process to be used for privacy, or light blocking as well.


We are used to handling fragile materials like this, and realise the importance of a pristine final product. When we apply screen print to glass it is with the utmost care and attention.

We are proud of our traditional processes here in Cambridge, and the way we approach screen printing on glass is no exception; it is all done by hand, by an actual human being.

This means we set up all our projects with common sense and experience. We are rarely known to turn down a project because it is too tricky, so get in touch with your requirements.

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