Digital processing

What is digital processing?

Most of the time digital processing comes at the end of a project. Your labels, posters, and signage have all been printed and laminated, and now they need finishing off, but not in a sinister way.

They will be expertly cut to final size either by hand with a straight edge and scalpel, or by one of our high performance cutting machines are that suited to dealing with a number of different materials.

Now, the capabilities of this department do not end here, it is an area that necessitates innovative, outside the box thinking, and the possibilities are as endless as our creativity.

The digital processing area of Screens and Graphics is the side that contrasts the most with the more traditional print side of things, and we have found that mixing the old with the new can have surprisingly good results!

Cutting, flatbed style

We have a state of the art flat-bed cutter in house. It comes with a range of tools for different applications, and works by sucking the material to be cut down onto the cutting matt and holding it in place while it is cut or creased.

The variety of blades and tools we have give us the option to experiment with different cutting techniques. We are able to achieve an impressive cut on tough sheet materials such as polycarbonate and acrylic, swell as on soft vinyl labels, poster material and cardboard for packaging

Stunning packaging

Need to present your prototype at a big meeting? Presentation is everything, and packaging is crucial when it comes to creating an image of the finished product.

We can print and cut high quality custom packaging to spec, putting creases in all the right places, and making small adjustments to the cut so it fits together like a dream.

Creating the cut files

The software that talks to all our cutting machines works in vector images.

Imagine these like paths along the edge of your label, the paths that the knife will follow when it comes to cutting.

If you have a dimensioned drawing for your product, we can recreate this in our artwork software using these paths, and we can set the dimensions up just the way you want them.

Gaskets galore

Our cutting facilities are able to manufacture precision gaskets. We can cut a wide range of materials from silicone rubber sheeting, adhesive backed neoprene to plastic shim and polycarbonate.

Because we create all our cut files from scratch to your specifications, we do not have such a thing as a ‘standard’ or ‘usual’ gasket shape. All we need from you is a dimensioned drawing showing the positions of any cut outs and we’re good to go.

Vinyl cut lettering

Let’s not forget our smaller cutting machines, capable of creating beautiful and intricate vinyl cut graphics for window displays, point of sale graphics and product marking.

We stock a range of outdoor grade coloured vinyls for you to choose from, and ordering in specific colours is no problem, it all depends on what you have in mind!

A familiar face

A unique and brilliant feature of the production process at Screens and Graphics is that thanks to it being such a small team, it is the person who sets up the artwork, who also sets the up the printer to print and then it is the same person again who sets up the cutter to finish the job.

The same person is there taking care of your product from start to finish, they are invested in it, and want to see it succeed, and you get a steady and reliable point of contact throughout your experience with us.

We can cut…

Self Adhesive Vinyl
Aluminium Composite Board
Foam Display Board

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