Metals and plastics

Metals and Plastics

Here at Screens and Graphics we have years of experience behind us when it comes to handling and printing customer products.

We speak production, and are used to managing tight turnaround times and working to priority lists when required.

We pride ourselves on our flexibility, and love making our customers happy.

What kind of thing can you print on?

We get stuck into all kinds of jobs that need direct printing, and have a tried and tested range of ink types in stock that we feel confident will look great on your products.

Metalwork for hi-fi audio, panels for enclosure companies, medical industry prototypes and products for many other technological businesses come through our doors on a regular basis. We print on vacuum formed plastic mouldings, fascias, keypads and buttons for remote controls, and much much more!

Because we have both screen and digital print processes in house, finding a process to match your project is no problem. Our inks are specially formulated for printing onto hard surfaces and sticking!

The multipurpose quality of the ink is what makes screen printing as a process so timeless. We carry both gloss and matt ink types in stock, and can provide data sheets and technical information for all our products.

We print anything from the little power icon under the button on your radio, company logos pride of place in the centre of your product, all the way down to the CE, Wheelie Bin and other quality control markings that are often seen on the back of products.

Future proofing your production

We keep a rigorous record of every job we’ve printed (within reason) and this means that once we know what works we can repeat it time and time again. It’s all about those first few steps taken to ensure we get the right process, finish and adhesion for your product.

In safe hands

Our printers will be up close and personal with your products, keeping a beady eye on the consistency of the print across a batch, checking for any marks or blemishes in the parts themselves, and double checking it against the artwork on file to make sure the right job is printed on the right part!

Our attention to detail means that any damage that may have been done to your products during their arduous journey to Screens and Graphics will be picked up and brought to your attention – if something doesn’t seem right we don’t assume it is, and this goes for everything we do.

Your logo, your colour

At Screens and Graphics we are aware of just how important colour is to your business branding, and especially the colour of your logo – it’s your identity.
With this in mind we build in time for colour matching each new job to the perfect Pantone, and not to mention matching the ink type to your product.
If you don’t know the colour reference you need don’t worry, we can match to a physical sample no problem.


Does it matter if it’s already painted?

Not usually, our inks are specially formulated to work on any surface whether it is painted, anodised, or just plain brushed metal.

However sometimes the kind of paint/process that has been used to make the product affects what is possible print-wise. For example a paint with a highly textured finish can play havoc with delicate lines or text within a screen printed image.

We have facilities on site for passing the screen printed metal work through an oven to ensure the best adhesion of the ink to the surface.

It’s as exciting as it sounds.

Some kinds of manufacturing processes mean this would not be possible without damaging the panel itself.

We would always advise testing both inks and oven before applying them to a whole batch!

What is ‘set-up’ when it’s at home?

You will hear us talk about ‘set up’ a lot, but what is this magical beast?

To make sure the print is in exactly the same place on your product each time during a print run, your product will be held in place underneath the screen or printer using a custom built jig made in-house.

Set up is exactly what it sounds like, either making a new jig or setting up the existing one, prepping the screen or making the print files depending on your process, literally setting up the job ready to print.

My product is a not completely flat, can you still print it?

Short answer: Possibly, bring it in and we’ll cast our expert eye over it and give you an answer there and then.

The long answer is that we are very proud of our innovation and creativity in the face of products that “aren’t completely flat” or where “the print goes in this small 50mm deep recess”.

We have tricks up our sleeves that enable us to cope with these types of things, and go the extra mile to find a solution. We hardly ever say never!

What artwork do I need to supply?

A detailed run-through of our artwork process is available here, this includes any artwork development you might need and information about the proofing stages. We can work with anything from a fully realised design to a sketch on a scrap of paper!

We will issue a custom full colour artwork proof, and once this is approved, move on to the creation of the print and cut files.

Don’t have any artwork but know what you want?

We have design facilities in house and a wide range of stock vector graphics on file to help you out.

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