Labels and overlays

Label, sticker, badge, overlay

There are plenty of names for this type of product, probably because there are many different applications for it. A label or overlay is an effective and versatile way for you to add custom branding and information to your product, and this means it needs to be spot on.

We love the prototype vibe here in Cambridge and are well used to short run “this all might have changed by next week” projects.

The addition of serial numbers and barcodes is not a problem, we’ll even supply your labels as a set if you ask nicely!

There is no “standard” or “one size fits all” here, everything is custom and made to measure, and with our wide range of materials and processes, we’ve got you covered.

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Let’s make some labels!

First things first: Materials

We keep a variety of self adhesive vinyl in stock and, depending on your application we can narrow the choice down dramatically. We can print simple packing labels for single use, all the way through to tough, Bear Grylls style overlays durable enough for extreme or outdoor applications.

We also keep in stock Polycarbonate and Polyester films, incase your product needs to be more substantial or scratch resistant. These materials can be printed on the under-side, a process we call under-surface printing. This protects the print and makes them ideal for robust overlay style products: possibly a custom fascia for a hand held device or maybe a logo badge like the contactless pads on the underground.

Windows for LEDs or LCD screens can be easily incorporated into the artwork and these can be kept adhesive free if necessary.

It’s amazing how many things you will notice are printed when you start to look!

A detailed material specification sheet can be supplied. Just give us a call and we will be happy to send one out to you. If we haven’t mentioned the material you have in mind here, drop us a line, we might just know where to get it.

What artwork do I need to supply?

A detailed run-through of our artwork process is available here, this includes any artwork development you might need and information about the proofing stages. We can work with anything from a fully realised design to a sketch on a scrap of paper!

We will issue a custom full colour artwork proof, and once this is approved, move on to the creation of the print and cut files.

Don’t have any artwork but know what you want?
We have design facilities in house and a wide range of stock vector graphics on file to help you out.

Printing your labels

We can produce your labels using screen printing, digital printing, or perhaps a thrilling combination of the two processes.

On the digital side of things we have a wide format printer, which can be used for small, delicate products as-well as the big exhibition type graphics. Most vinyl labels will be printed this way before laminating and cutting.

We also have the capability to print on clear or translucent material thanks to our UV flatbed printer, this runs on a flexible ink system, making it perfect for labels and overlays. What gives it that extra edge is that this printer can print in white as-well as colour, meaning that we can create clear windows in the background colour, for example to allow an LED bulb to be seen, or a backlit screen to be visible underneath the material.

Screen or Digital?

Each system has it’s own advantages, and we would advise which process best fits your requirements.

Screen printing offers the ability to print onto a wide range of substrates, and with such a diverse range of inks available, this process is ideal for specialist applications.

Digital on the other hand is perfect for multicolour printing, including photographic images, and is ideal for one off prototypes or larger production batches.

Your logo : your colour

At Screens and Graphics we are aware of just how important colour is to your business branding, and especially the colour of your logo – it’s your identity. With this in mind we build in time for colour matching each new job to the perfect Pantone. If you don’t know the colour reference you need don’t worry, we can match to a physical sample no problem.

Finishing touches

We will cut your labels to shape and can supply them cut individually or kiss-cut on easy to handle sheets. Visit our Digital Processing page for more details, you won’t regret it.

Job Done!

Heard enough?

Just fill in the contact form at the bottom of this page with who you are and what your project is, attach any artwork and click send. Someone will then give you a call to discuss options.

Give us a call on 01954 251790 if you have any more questions, or if you would like to speak to a real person, or if you just fancy a chat.

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