Branded merchandise

Brand your merchandise with custom print

Once it has been printed, absolutely anything, any object at all, can become an ambassador for your brand, and this means it has to be of the very highest quality.

Luckily for you our UJF Flatbed printers can print in exceptionally high quality, on a wide range of substrates which includes promotional materials or custom merchandise like diaries, IPad covers and phone cases, and this is by no means an exhaustive list!

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Getting your brand out there fast

The turnaround times we can achieve with these machines are spectacular, and thanks to the substantial area our printers can cover, we can do more individual prints in one go. Our printing services are are all about saving you money and time

These printers also have a UV bulb built in to their printing process, and this cures the ink as it prints meaning that your custom merchandise is touch dry the minute it comes off the printer. Ready to be shipped to your big corporate event or training course.

Is there anything these printers can’t do?

Our flatbed printers are designed for printing onto horizontally level, consistent surfaces, and this is when they perform at their best.

When a job is set up, the surface to be printed needs to be as close as possible to the print head to achieve the best quality.

So if there are bits higher than others, the quality will drop off in the areas that are lower down. For example printing across a steep curve or gradient poses a problem, or printing down into a recess.

Either drop us an email, or better yet pop in with your product and see what we think. We are proud of our innovative, problem solving printing services, and if we can’t find the answer we’ll always have an alternative strategy in mind.

The technical stuff

There are limits to the size and shape of object that can be printed on these machines, here is your guide to them below

Maximum bed size (horizontally) is 700mm x 500mm
Maximum bed depth (vertically) is 150mm
Prints in primer, white, and CMYK

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