Digital printing

A World to explore

The vast range of jobs made possible thanks to digital printing continues to amaze us here at Screens and Graphics. The advanced printing machines we have in-house all have their jobs, and each one exceeds our expectations on a daily basis.

Digital print is the quick turnaround, short run cousin of the screen print process. It loves prototypes and problem solving, and we are certain you will love the results it can give.

Your artwork will be transformed into print by our team of expert print technicians and our ever expanding range of digital printing machines.

Say it big, say it small

Got an event you need to shout about?

Is your signage out front in need of replacing?

Need a sticky label to brand your packaging?

We’ve got you covered!

Wide format

We stock a great collection of printable materials perfect for posters, banners or signage. These products are all printed on our large format, solvent inkjet printer, and can all be finished in house thanks to our state of the art cutting technology.

And fear not, as good as this printer is at maintaining fantastic quality over large areas, you can bet it’s just as brilliant at keeping small details clear and sharp, making small jobs just as easy.

Check out our wide format page for more info on the big stuff.

Brand your products

When you think about digital print you may think about large flashy items like posters and banners. However, good things also come in smaller packages, and our UV flatbed printers are no exception.

These printers can print your design with precision and care onto most flat surfaces.

Everything can be personalised. This goes for all manner of promotional products, such as diaries and phone cases, right through to precision moulding prototypes and IT equipment, as-well as flat sheet material for overlays or badges.

These are high performance machines that deposit droplets of ink onto a substrate, which is then quickly followed up by a UV lamp which cures and hardens the print, making it touch dry when it comes off the bed!
We run inks that are suitable for both hard and flexible surfaces, meaning we are ready for anything.

What’s more, this printer is environmentally friendly! The UV LEDs this printer uses to cure the ink are a lot less energy intensive than conventional LED bulbs used in the print industry.

This is printing with a conscience, people.

A word on colour

We love colour at S&G, and it’s important to us that we get the right colour for your requirements.

Colour is a tricky fish – it looks one way on your laptop screen, another when printed out on your office printer, and different again depending on the material it’s printed on.

Luckily we know all about this potential for problems and we have handy systems in place to ensure we get the colour right every time.

What’s a Pantone when it’s at home?

We like to match the majority of our colour work to a Pantone, or PMS (Pantone Matching System), reference.

Pantone is a universal colour standard. Anyone, anywhere can pick up a pantone swatch book and know the exact colour you’re talking about. It is a highly precise system, and its consistency is why we love it so much!

Our screen and digital print technicians will use colour matching technology as a starting point, and then work by eye to refine a colour that matches your chosen Pantone. This goes for screen ink as-well as CMYK, as both involve tweaking quantities and careful scrutiny.


Digital files contain CMYK values, this stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black.

When you are talking digital print, every colour is made up of different quantities of these four colours.

The same CMYK values in a digital file can generate different results depending on which method or printer is used, the material it’s printed on, and indeed how the artwork is being viewed.

So, if the same printer and process is used each time, digital print can guarantee a high degree of consistency.

“But I don’t know or care about Pantone or CMYK”

Don’t worry, printing can take place without this information. If you’re tight on time and don’t require a colour match, we know the CMYK speak for “warning red”, and have the design know-how to make decisions for you to simply approve.

Also, because our colour matching is done by eye, we can match to a physical sample if you happen to have one lying around.

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